Research Governance Office

 1. Open a new application by clicking “New Apps for Review”
     a) Open data migration “DM” applications by clicking “In Progress DM HREC” or “In Progress DM SSA”
 2. Once an application has been opened and in the process of being reviewed it will appear in “Meeting Processing”
 3. After review/meeting it will appear in “Further Info Req”; “Further Info rec’d”
 4. “All HREC records” includes all new application and all amendments submitted

HREC standard (familiar) steps available:

HREC Application Valid – automatically generated email to applicant

HREC Application Incomplete

HREC Application Invalid

Assign to Meeting – meetings that have already been set up in AuRed will transfer to ERM with the migration

Assign Reviewers (if applicable)

Notify HREC meeting date – automatically generated email to applicant

Start Clock – can be actioned today or a past date – ERM will not let you send out a request for further information until you have started the clock.  You will not lose any clock days if you forget to start the clock on closing date.

After the meeting or LNR review:

HREC Further Info Request,

HREC Project Approved, LNR Approved

HREC Project Not Approved, LNR Not Approved

RG steps available:

  1. SSA Review
  2. SSA Valid
  3. SSA Incomplete
  4. Print Form for CE Signing
  5. SSA Authorised by CE
  6. SSA Not Authorised by CE
  7. SSA: CE req further info


Quick Guide and Training for HRECs and RGOs

Click here to view the powerpoint slide for review users.

ERM Administrator Manual V1.1

ERM Quick Guides - 

How to search for HREC application document

Email in ERM

Searching Reports and Tile

Quick Guide and Training for Researchers

Further information is available here.

The link to an interactive training presentation for researchers on ERM is available here.